2 Paths Training is a cutting-edge sports performance program maximizing each athlete's potential. Our coaches are alumni with first-hand experience playing at the next level; this provides our athletes with a unique and in-depth training program. At 2 Paths, mentorship is crucial, so we strive to develop relationships with each athlete to ensure they enjoy their time with coaches they trust.


My name is Jameel Siler, and I was born and raised in Northern Virginia. I am a former student-athlete with expertise in multiple positions; QB, DB, and WR. I attended Hampton Sydney College for football and graduated in 2021 with a BA in Economics. Following graduation, I was a part of the coaching staff at Centreville High School and also coached youth 7on7 teams.  Analyzing flaws in coaching systems we had been apart of, such as lack of mentorship, inspired Julian and me to develop 2 Paths Training to provide athletes with a better experience. Before hitting the field, I take the time to connect with our athletes to strengthen their state of mind. I believe that tapping into an athlete's mental helps to provide them with a better understanding of the game and life itself. While there is no guarantee of playing at the next level, my team and I will ensure we offer all athletes the best opportunity to reach their potential. 
I am Julian Garrett— born and raised in Northern Virginia. I  attended schools and played sports across the DMV. I graduated from Centreville High School in 2017, where I played RB and LB. I am now a coach who is passionate about helping athletes achieve their goals and grow as people. My football experience spans over 15 years, where my training emphasized agility and speed. Developing our athlete's ability to move laterally and explosively pays dividends on whatever field of play they want to improve. A goal of mine is to teach our athletes to improvise, analyze, and digest information on the field. We call this class on grass; we break down different aspects of our game, down to the slightest details, to ensure we are in the best position to be successful on the field.


"2 Paths Training was able to take our beginner and completely shape him into an athlete that was ready to compete at the high school level."
"My son really enjoys his sessions with Jameel and Julian."
"The impact they have had on my son has been insurmountable, not only physically but mentally as well."
"Within the first couple of weeks I noticed such improvement in my sons throwing, accuracy, footwork, and confidence."
"What these two men have accomplished with my son is nothing short of incredible! […] I can’t wait to see what he future holds, for my son and for them."

Paving the way for athletes

Paving the way for athletes